How to Detect Problems with Your Garage Door


In 2016, there were approximately 1600 reported people who got injured as they attempted to fix their garage doors. Some garage door problems seem easy to fix, but it is always good to take caution, especially for non-professionals to avoid injury. The following are some of the most common garage door problems.

If you have a garage door that keeps jamming during the process of opening and closing, this could indicate that the torsion spring is broken and it happens due to wear and tear during usage. When the spring is broken, the solution is to have it replaced by a qualified person. Another common problem is with the tracks that get bent or misaligned during use. Depending on the kind of damage, the bent tracks can be realigned or replaced. Caution during garage use is also necessary to avoid any warping of the door.

Every opening and closing of the garage door causes a strain on it and eventually, it will give in. If you have a garage door that makes noise during operation, it could indicate an extension spring problem. Once you notice this problem, have it fixed immediately as it may end up in the garage door falling down on your car or even more dangerously, on you. This problem accounts for a quarter of all injuries that are caused by garage doors.

Other areas of the garage door that may have problems are the rollers and hinges. Once the lubrication in these areas is exhausted, it causes the door to stick. This can simply be rectified by oiling the parts. Garage cables also tend to snap with constant usage, snapped cables may cause the door to fail to open or close. Once these cables are broken, they can be easily fixed by a qualified professional. Sensors in the door may also act up due to dirt, misalignment or when they break, a door that reverses or stops in the middle of operation may indicate this issue.

Garage doors also get affected by weather conditions over time; the best way to solve this problem is to fix the damaged areas as soon as they are noticed. In the long run, however, garage doors will fail to function despite every effort. Since this is inevitable, it is wise to invest on garage doors that are of high quality so that they give you years of good service. After all, investing in quality garage doors increases the value of your home by up to 40%.

A recent study on garage doors by the consumer product safety commission, indicates that only 40% of all garage doors tested were found to be in good working condition. Don’t add up to the bad statistics; always have your garage door inspected by experts. We are professionals based in Cape Town and we deal with all kinds of garage door issues from inspections, maintenance, repairs and even replacements. With experts like us, you never have to worry about noisy or jamming garage doors again. Our services are pocket- friendly and we have all the expertise you need for any customized garage door requirements. Get a free quote by visiting or by calling us on 087 550 3151 today!

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